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Reliable, low-speed connectivity

An 'always on' connection

Deliver a secure, 'always-on' connection that's uncontended and is ideal for transmitting voice and data between sites in the UK.

Please note:  we are only supporting KiloStream until 31 March 2020: for a versatile alternative, try Wholesale Ethernet.

A choice of speeds

There are two KiloStream  options available to suit your customers' needs:

   •     KiloStream UK (48kbps or 64kbps) is for customers running low-speed applications (such as remote printing facilities).

   •     KiloStream N (128kbps, 256kbps or 512kbps) is for customers who need to connect high-speed LANs, transmit high call volumes between sites, or use videoconferencing.

Benefits for you and your customers

Simple pricing – KiloStream has straightforward, flat-rate pricing and is a cost-effective alternative to high-usage PSTN.

Quick set-up – You can take the service to market very quickly and it can often be set up in less than 20 days.

Highly secure – Physical point-to-point connectivity assures high levels of security.

Very reliable – KiloStream has reliability levels of 99.9%. For the other 0.1%, you're covered by our PromptCare service (or you can upgrade to TotalCare).

Wide coverage – KiloStream circuits are available anywhere in the UK.

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